10 Followers! Woohoo!

You guys rock for following my blog! To celebrate this momentous occasion I decided to take pictures of some of the beautiful clocks that my dad has collected throughout his lifetime. One of the main reasons I do what I do is that my Grammy collected and loved clocks, but as she grew older she was swindled by repair persons who removed the original antique movements and replaced them with cheap mass-manufactured movements instead. I aspire to one day work on my grandmother’s clocks and bring them back to their former glory. 😳

Without further ado, here are some of the working and not working clocks we have around the house. 

One day I’m going to fix all of these clocks and do routine maintenance and be available whenever they break down.

My own collection is all broken except for a few pieces. That’s the point – to fix them all and build up my horological muscles so I’m ready to trust myself with a family heirloom, and maybe one day with other people’s family heirlooms. My collection and my work area are shown below.

I’m excited for the clocks ahead that I’ll get to explore with you guys, and I hope you enjoy the experience at least a fraction as much as I am.

With sincere gratitude for those reading and following,


UPDATE: 8/26/16 and up to 25 😊 Thanks guys!

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